At Empowa, we're providing women across Erskine Park, and throughout Western Sydney, the opportunity to pursue the highest possible quality of health and wellness with our trademarked permanent solution program.

POWA+ 1on1 Coaching to get YOU results, FASTER

  • Benefit 1 - All Fitness+ Membership perks included:

  • Perk 1 - Unlimited POWA30 Signature Small Group Sessions

  • Perk 2 - Full Access to our 12 Week "Optimum Results Program”

  • Perk 3 - On-The-Go "At Home" workouts

  • Perk 4 -Empowa pocket personal trainer access

  • Perk 5 - Create personalized goals

  • Perk 6 - Freestyle Workout builder

  • Perk 7 - On Demand Exercise Library

  • Perk 8 - Training and Nutrition Tracking

  • Perk 9 - Full Gym Access

  • Benefit 2 - Permanent Solution Course - This 12 week course is one of the most important purchases you'll ever make in life. The key to unlocking the body of your dreams lies in the inner workings of this course. You'll never have to seek guidance about fitness or nutrition ever again when it comes to meanigful changes.

  • Benefit 3 - Custom Nutrition Goals - Have custom nutrition goals based off your basal metabolic rate, total daily expenditure, and personal weight goals.

  • Benefit 4 - Meal Tracking - Simple photo food journaling, or go deep on nutrition tracking. Clients can scan or search for foods in the meal library, and track them in the app. Get full nutrition information and daily breakdowns of calories, macro and micronutrients.

  • Benefit 5 - Recipe Books & Pre-Made Meal Plans - Take full advantage of the Powa+ experience with custom recipes & pre-made meal plans. With access to our curated recipes and long-term meal plan solutions, our clients get the best meals to cook and track in the Empowa App.

  • Benefit 6 - The Smart Meal Planner - Save time with interactive meal plans based on your caloric goals, macro split, schedule, and dietary preferences. Get 3 sample days of meals. Clients can swap meals with similar alternatives and discover new delicious recipes that make eating healthy easier.

  • Benefit 7 - Measure progress and compliance over time - Dive deep into your nutrition with graphs for calories intake, caloric burn, and calories in/out to help you progress on over time.

  • Benefit 8 - Mental Content Courses - Several vital mini courses will help expedite our permanent solution course. Such courses include our Addiction Course, The 180 Success Principles & Happy Habits.

  • Benefit 9 - The Complete Supplement Solution Course

  • Benefit 10 - The Advanced Exercise Breakdown Course

  • Benefit 11 - 2 Way Chat with a Program Expert

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Our unique POWA30 Signature Small Group Training combines the most effective elements of one-on-one training with small group fitness. You'll work alongside a small group and get the accountability and community support of fitness classes, but enjoy a personalized training plan crafted by one of our expert coaches.


At Empowa Women's Fitness, we're providing women across Western Sydney the opportunity to pursue the highest possible quality of fitness aesthetics with our trademarked permanent solution program.


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