Our Philosophy

At Empowa, our mission is to create heroic women. We understand that empowerment comes from a fusion of physical, mental, and emotional growth. Our approach begins with a personal onboarding session, diving deep into your individual health needs and aspirations. From there, we help you roadmap a holistic program tailored to you and your specific goals, melding science-based training, flexible nutrition, and relentless motivation.

We shun fleeting fitness fads and generic advice. Our commitment lies in providing real health coaching driven by authentic professionals who champion your personal journey. With our 30-minute science-backed training sessions, we don’t just aim to change your physique; we enhance your movement quality, ensuring longevity and reduced injury risk.

Empowa is not a short-term fix. We champion lasting change, focusing on nurturing habits that persist beyond mere seasonal motivations. We envision long-term success for every woman under our care.

Our strength lies in our community of empowered, like-minded women. Beyond the veneer of social media, we cultivate a genuine space of inspiration, motivation, and connection. Here at Empowa, it's about "real women, getting real results, doing life together."

Become a part of Empowa, and embark on your transformative journey. Let's unveil the heroic woman within, ready to conquer challenges in fitness and life with unwavering confidence and strength. Your empowerment journey starts here.

We pride ourselves in looking after our members by accurately assessing them, then providing individualised weekly programming, training, nutrition and motivation to achieve our members results.

We don’t follow fads, we don’t guide our members a particular way because it’s fashionable at the time. Real health coaching by passionate authentic professionals.

Regardless of your goal by training weekly with us you will achieve better movement patterns and be less prone to injuries. Better movement = better living!

We think long term. We work on sensible programming that is achievable and motivating. We change habits for ever not just for summer.

Our team and community is committed to growth. ‘Good humans helping good humans’. Our team is passionate about their own goals and want to genuinely inspire and create change within our community. We are here for ‘likes’, we just like to create an awesome environment where inspiration and connection are genuine.

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