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"The trainers at Empowa are always there for advice and are on it when it comes to correct form. Fav part of my day is going to the gym and these guys make it 10 x easier to be there!"


Achieve Your Fat Loss Goals:

Start your fitness journey at Empowa with a comprehensive health & wellness assessment to track your progress effectively. Our 3 pillars of Training, Nutrition and Accountability will ensure you take the first step in the RIGHT direction..

Build Strength with Confidence:

Empowa's approach begins with an introduction to our system with a 1on1 movement session, to help you calm those nerves and feel confident in your technique for faster, more precise results. Our trainer are trained to cater for all females, no matter what your goals, body type, and experience level.

Revitalize Your Fitness:

Our periodized training programs ensure great results without overtraining, getting bored, or getting injured. Whether you're preparing for an event or regaining your desired fitness level our 30 minute based approach will ensure you stay motivated, excited and always having fun!

Elevate Your Wellbeing:

Experience increased energy, flexibility, and stress reduction through our holistic approach, perfect for those seeking anti-aging benefits and an active lifestyle. Join Empowa Women's Fitness and transform into a healthier, stronger and happier you.


The Empowa Method

Welcome to Empowa, where every woman's journey towards health and wellness is both personal and powerful. Our unique 4-pillar approach ensures you feel supported and confident at every step:



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Remember the nerves of trying something new? We've got you. Before diving into group sessions, we'll guide you in a special one-on-one onboarding session. Here, we'll assess your health, introduce you to smart nutrition choices, and ensure you move with grace and confidence.



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Time is precious, and we make every minute count. Using science based principles, our short sessions are designed to maximize fat burning, build strength and increase muscle tone in the least time. No more hours on treadmills!



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Whether you're a busy mum juggling a growing family, or a professional managing a team, we've got nutrition advice tailored for your lifestyle. No fad diets, just real food for real results, quick and easy to prepare which the whole family can enjoy.


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At Empowa, you're never alone. Our community of like-minded women is here to cheer you on, and our dedicated team ensures you stay on track. We know you by name not by a number, and that's important to us.


The Empowa Method


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What is ‘Results Based’ Training?

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  • Programming specific for women: We start by accurately assessing your needs and then provide a proven method of training and nutrition to ensure you achieve your desired results.

  • Personalized Guidance with POWA+: Recognizing the distinct goals of each member, we offer:

    - A comprehensive weekly training plan and a 12-week roadmap.

    - Targeted strength and aerobic training programs.

    - Dietary analysis and tailored nutrition programming.

    - Weekly accountability check-ins to monitor your progress and goals.

    - Access to our well-equipped gym and outdoor group training schedule.

    - Participation in enlightening educational seminars and workshops.

  • Authentic Health Coaching: We're not followers of fitness fads; our guidance is provided by passionate, experienced health professionals who believe in genuine health coaching. We stay true to your unique needs and goals rather than chasing fleeting trends.

  • Better Movement, Better Living: Regardless of your fitness objective, our Small Group and 1 on 1 training sessions enhance your movement patterns and reduce the risk of injuries. We firmly believe that improved movement equals a better quality of life.

  • Long-Term Perspective: We focus on sustainable, achievable programming that motivates you for the long haul. Our aim is to instil lifelong habits and transformations, not just seasonal changes.

  • Community of Growth: At Empowa, our team and community are dedicated to continuous improvement. We are "good humans helping good humans." Our passionate team works towards their own goals, aiming to inspire and create meaningful change within our community.

  • Exceptional Experience: We're not just a gym; we're an extraordinary experience. Every day, we strive to create a welcoming and inspiring environment where genuine connections and inspiration thrive.

  • Accessible Location: Conveniently situated in Erskine Park Shopping Village, our personal training gym and studio is easily accessible. We ensure that you're motivated to take action and achieve the best shape of your life.


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